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Check Balance and Straighten

To check the balance on a drive shaft we first look to make sure the drive shaft is in phase, make sure u-joints have been maintained, check for any dents in the tubing, if applicable check for twisted spline in slip yoke, or loose splines. We then chuck it up on the balancer with balancing attachments, then check to see if drive shaft is running true, if not we straighten, then balance.

Shorten or Stretch

Any modifications to a vehicle that changes the drive train can cause the drive shaft to be to short or to long. On some drive shafts, a simple Cut, Weld and Balance is all that is needed. If your drive shaft is to short, a new piece of tubing cut to the length of your application will be needed as well as balance.


As with time drive shafts do wear out. Splines, u-joints, flanges, weld yokes, slip yokes, transmission yokes, differential yokes, center support bearings, and constant velocity components,can all be damaged or wear out. In most cases they are all replaceable.

Custom Fabrication

Any drive shaft application. We enjoy a challenge! We think and build outside of the box!

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